Linksys Wireless Router Setup – A Guide

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The advancement in networking technologies has made the internet access to the people an easier proposition than it was once thought. In the earlier days when internet became common the people were required to have cabled wires which had to be plugged in to their PCs for getting access to the internet. This meant that the people had to remain in a specific place in order to be able to use the internet.

Wireless Internet:-

The development of the Wireless Internet has provided a solution for this problem. The wireless internet requires that the users have a Wi-Fi enabled PC that can catch the signals of internet that are transmitted via radio waves. In order to generate the signals a wireless router is used. The DSL cable of the Internet Service Provider is connected in to the wireless router and it provides internet connectivity in a limited space depending on its size and its capacity.

Linksys by Cisco is of the most well-known router brand that is available in the market. The most significant asset of these routers is that they are very easy to use and can be installed by configured by anyone who knows something about networking. The wireless routers that have been developed by Linksys are also very user friendly and have gained a very good reputation in the market for being the most simple devices around that do not require complex installation. The Linksys wireless routers are among the fastest routers that are available in the market today.

Setting up of a Linksys Wireless Router:-

The Linksys wireless router setup requires the following steps:

The user has to plug in the DSL line into the back of the wireless router and has to connect a PC with it too through the Ethernet cable.
Once the device is powered up the user then has to enter the IP address of the Linksys wireless router in the URL are of his browser which leads him to a web page where all the options are given for configuring the wireless router.
The user has to fill all the necessary fields which are generally provided the Internet Service Provider.
The web page also gives the user the option to setup his wireless network with a name and key of his choice.

If the user has some difficulty in setting up his wireless router there is a CD that comes with the Linksys wireless router which contains all the details on how to setup the wireless router.


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