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Water pipes are the need of the time. The construction in the urban area is getting popularity in every country so that constructor of high rise building can`t thing the construction of the high rise building without the use of the water pipes. Water is the essential product for the human being one can`t think about the life without the water. After knowing that reality of the life and the significance importance of the water every one seems to be very conscious when buying the office or the flat in the high rise building.

The availability of the water in the upper floor cannot happen without using the water pipes. Water pipes are easily available in the market without doing any hassle. Water pipes also have the different types of pipes. These categories of the pipes are differentiated on the bases of the material used in making such types of products. Water pipes are available in the steel and plastics materials, these two types of the water pipes popular in the international market. Steel water pipes are the older types of pipes in the new construction these types of the pipes are used. In today`s world the water pipes made by the plastic are getting the popularity.

Steel pipes are costly and have different disadvantages. The major disadvantages of the steel water pipes are those types of the pipes which are heavy in the weight and the fungus will find in these types of the pipes after the four years of the installation. All of know that if the heavy material is put on the high rise building its life will become less automatically more than the life of the building the question will rise against the building safety because this is the matter of the thousand people`s life and their stake involved in purchasing the asset in the building using the steel water pipes. Secondly the water pipes are installed once in making the building the replacement of the water pipes is not recommended and even not possible. The cost of replacing the water pipes are more that making the building again because the water pipes are placed under the floor or hide in the wall of the washrooms to provide the water. Once the steel water pipes get the fungus it is very difficult to say that the people using the water through that pipe will remain healthy.

After the serious life safety issues and the health issue the constructor are force to use the plastic water pipes. Water pipes made by the plastic are less weighted and these pipes do not support the fungus to remain stick with them. It is the property of the plastic that it do not support the fungus and it is not as heavy as the steel pipes are. The cost of making the plastics pipes are also less than making the steel pipes so that one can say that the using of the plastic water pipes is cost efficient.

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