Water Fuel Cells

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Currently, the globe is experiencing major difficulties trying to find ways to conserve energy sources which in turn will not harm the environment. Water fuel cells were developed several years ago, and kept quiet by those energy providing powers which are making a huge amount of money. The water fuel cells were created to use water as a method of fuel for vehicles and to replace the current use of gasoline.

Water fuel cells were introduced originally to power small horsepower motors such as lawnmowers and go-karts. These motors were used as experimental because of there size and cost.

However, the concept after much experimenting had a positive outcome. Therefore, the inventor decided if a small gas powered motor could operate to the fullest factory potential, in deed so could larger gas powered motors.

Water fuel cells operate completely by the splitting of a water molecule. A water molecule is a molecule because it contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. When this molecule splits into the correct divisions, there is a combustion resulting, which is powerful enough to make a gas powered motor operate to and beyond it’s full factory potential.

Anyway, after the energy crisis has moved to one of the many top priority problems in the world, a man invented a way around using fossil fuels to power the machinery used to increase the economy, and died at a young age. According to sources, this man died of an unexpected medical conditions, the hindsight of the entire mess of energy conservation leads many to believe something else. There is another belief because the plans for his development were conveniently lost.

There are many people working behind the scenes, trying to copy the technique of the deceased individual which created the water fuel cells concept. Thus far, there has been a few successes, but the concept has not been copied according to the original details, which is causing some problems with the whole technique. Then there is the problem of selling the concept to big motor corporations, that have recently closed, or restructured causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket.

Water fuel cells are not the only alternative source to energy conservation, but it is a very good thought. This creation will put a huge dent in the global warming problem. What is needed is an abundance of people throughout the country, in power positions or not, to stick together and push these issues very hard in order to become a reality.

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