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An overview of With rising living standards, people in pursuit of convenient means of access to water has changed the traditional habits of the old stove heating method, which use gas water heater is basically the biggest advantage is cheap, simple, rapid and appropriate, high energy efficiency, water temperature control is sensitive, so all ages. Therefore, the very popular, especially into the twenty-first century, in our cities, gas water heaters are basically into the home, as Qianjiawanhu people an integral part of daily life, then what is the proper use of gas water heater what? To obtain the use of bed of roses, in the first gas water heater must be properly understood the meaning of the basic operating principles and safe use of common sense, and master the essentials of its operation, otherwise it will create unnecessary economic losses, can cause serious physical casualties.

2, gas water heater and the working principle of the meaning of

Also known as gas water heater gas water heater, which refers to the gas as fuel, by burning heating methods to heat transfer to cold water flowing through heat exchangers to achieve the purpose of preparation of a gas hot water appliances. The basic principle of gas water heater is cold water into the water heater, gas flows through the linkage of water flow valve in the water under certain pressure difference, to promote the linkage of water vapor valves, and also to promote the DC power micro switch connected to the power and start pulse ignition, at the same time open the gas solenoid valve gas transmission through the pulse ignition device automatically re-ignition to continue until the ignition successfully entered the normal operation so far, this process is about continuous maintenance of 5 to 10 seconds, when the gas water heater in the work process or the ignition process of shortage of water supply or inadequate water pressure, lack of electricity, lack of gas, hot water temperature is too high, blowing flameout fault accident phenomena, pulse ignition detection sensor needle through the feedback signal, automatically cut off power, gas gas transmission Electromagnetic valve power shortage situation immediately restore the supply of the original normally closed valve state, that time has been cut off the gas channel, turn off gas water heater from a security role. Usually a qualified gas water heater, refer to the performance indicators in line with GB6932-2001 “Domestic gas instantaneous water heater” national standard gas water heater, from the ignition state 100 into the normal working state of the entire process is automatic control, without any manual adjustments or additional settings, simply open the cold water switch, or connected to cold water, water conditioning and gas flow rate through the adjustment device by appropriate adjustment of water and water temperature, gas water heater immediately at (5 ~ 10) seconds short period of time to enter normal operation , while output of hot water, in the event the above fault accidents, gas water heater will automatically stop working within 10 seconds, and immediately cut off the gas channel to prevent the gas continued to flow, and can not be automatically re-open, unless the fault after more than artificially exclude Restart the gas water heater, for proper working condition, so its performance is more secure.

Third, the classification of gas water heater

Gas water heater on the market now are more product categories, but can be summed up using the gas type, installation location, and to exhaust mode, use of heating hot water system structure classification methods. Classification by type of use of gas is gas under various categories and their associated properties used to divide types of gas water heaters. China’s city gas is divided into three categories: natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas. The City Gas, also known as town gas, which is within the urban land in the PRC (including: cities, towns, villages and residential gas supply, etc.) are fueled with gas. It is in line with GB50028-93 “Town Gas Design Code” provisions of the gas quality requirements for the supply of living, business, public buildings and industrial production as a fuel gas with the public nature. Natural gas is embedded in the formation of flammable gas, can be divided into four types: pure gas field, natural gas, oil associated gas, condensate gas field gas and mine gas. Artificial gas is solid, liquid or gaseous fuels as raw materials obtained by the transformation of the combustible gases, which include coal gas (gas), oil gas and so on. Liquefied petroleum gas is in the process of mining and refining of crude oil, obtained as a by-product C3, C4 hydrocarbons as the main ingredient.

Gas water heater installation position and to exhaust mode, use of non-thermal heating system structure can also be classified as: indoor water heater, outdoor heaters, heating water, water heaters, heating, water heaters, two with type water heater.

Installation location, or to the exclusive way classification

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