Flower Conditioning Water

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Conditioning plant material can be a tricky business for florists. All water is not suitable for maintaining the fresh appearance and longevity of your blooms. Deionized or acid pH water is required, but is not readily available without the use of specialty pH conditioners. Recently, Japanese companies began exporting water ionization/de-ionization machines to this country. It is especially good for cut flowers and plants of all sorts and sizes. Cut flowers experience great results when stored in de-ionized or acid water. Their life can be lengthened extravagantly.

Use acidic water to restore good health to your sick plants as well. Stop throwing away old inventory. Spray foliage, water pots, and fill containers with pH perfect 3.5-5.5 acid water and ensure the best storage and arrangement possible for your plants and blooms. You will literally be amazed to find that cut roses will remain fresh-looking and vibrant for several weeks and will in MANY cases, begin to grow roots. Acid water is healthy for all plants, for greenhouse use and even farming.

Water ionization equipment not only ionizes or de-ionizes your tap water. It also changes the oxidation potential, adjusts the pH values, and micro-clusters the water so it can be easily absorbed. Water with a low pH is taken up by the flowers more easily. The lower pH slows the growth of microbes – microbes that can slow or stop flowers from proper absorption of water.

Because water ionizers put out two streams of water, you will want to capitalize on both, using the acidic water for your floral business and the alkaline waters for drinking and cleaning. Share the water with all that you come in contact with and so extend the use of this marvelous technology!

Ionized antioxidant water for your drinking pleasure will have the added benefit of enhancing your health. Slowly, but surely (some much faster than others) you will come into better internal balance. You will feel it. You’ll sense the relaxing, calming, soothing benefits of this latest alternative treatment for strength and natural vitality. We’re passionate to share it with you because ionized water is the best of the best treatments we’ve found for management of total health.

De-ionized acidic water is perfect flower conditioning solution for florists. Learn more about ionized and de-ionized water in general and the capabilities of acidic AND alkaline water production by reading our Free Report: What Is Ionized Water


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