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Liuxu Xia 1, Wang Fu-qin 2

(1. Shaanxi Province oil Chemical industry School, Xi’an 710061, China; 2. Shandong Architecture University, Jinan 250012)

HC coating Network News: Abstract: The copolymerization of epoxy resin and acrylic monomers are water-based acrylic resin from the dried epoxy Anticorrosion coating Base material, titanium-iron powder obtained by water-borne anti-corrosion pigments and efficient anti-corrosion coating. Of the amount of epoxy resin, paint type and amount of anti-corrosion paint corrosion resistance of the coating. The results showed that E-44 epoxy resin in the amount of 30%, titanium-iron powder and 5%, the anti-corrosion coating has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.

Key words: anti-corrosion coating; epoxy acrylic resin; anticorrosive pigments; titanium-iron powder

0 Introduction Epoxy coatings cured film with high hardness, strong adhesion and good electrical insulation, water resistance, outstanding chemical resistance characteristics such as anti-corrosion coating the base material most commonly used. However, the use of epoxy resin was found a number of shortcomings, such as curing membranes flexible enough (brittleness), UV resistant, anti-yellowing performance poor, and the price is high and the water of difficulties. These problems for epoxy resin, modified epoxy resin at home and abroad in recent years to improve its performance [1-8]. Effective modification is chemical modification, about two or more substances by chemical bonds Cooperation Used together, not only have the advantage of the various components, and the phenomenon of phase separation does not occur. Acrylic has good mechanical properties, excellent cold resistance, elasticity, flexibility and resistance to organic Solvent Performance, film performance advantages of easy adjustment, but the relatively poor corrosion resistance. This study of molecular design, epoxy and acrylic monomer graft polymerization of water-soluble acrylic resin as a water-based epoxy anticorrosive paint formulations of the base material, with a small number of efficient non-toxic anticorrosive pigment titanium-iron powder, obtained in good anti-corrosion coating products.

1 test section 1.1 Materials and reagents Epoxy resin E-44, Jiangsu, Miki company; acrylic monomers, chemical pure reagents; titanium-iron powder, Shandong Shan County Special anticorrosive paint factory; zinc oxide, silicon and lead chromate, Iron oxide Red, are all made of industrial grade talc.

1.2 epoxy acrylic resin First measurement of the epoxy resin E-44 with moderate Acetone Dissolved and transferred to a certain amount of emulsifier and deionized water three flask, at 80 constant temperature oil bath to join the 20% of acrylic acid and ester monomer and 40% of mixed emulsifier and 50% ammonium persulfate initiator, to system blue, and then gradually drops and accurate measurement of acrylic acid and ester monomers, emulsifier, while adding the remaining initiator in batches, drop about 3h after the reaction finished 2h, and then adding adaptive system for pH, ammonia to 7 ~ 8, and finally cooled to room temperature the reaction system can be.

1.3 Formulation and properties of water-based anti-corrosion coating

Will Fillers , Dispersing agent, deionized water and water-based acrylic resin, epoxy resin mixture, then ground to the fineness of less than 30 m, into the composition of other components, fully anti-corrosion coating products obtained after mixing. By GB/T1727? 1992 ways to tin film to the substrate, spraying, brushing or Scratch. Reference formulation and performance test results shown in Table 1, Table 2.

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