Benefits of Water

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I know water is not very popular but it should be. What with all those fancy bottles and cool names. However, some of us don’t drink enough of it. I am one of those people or used to be thanks to the help of some friends. My friend Misty drinks water ALL the time. She brings her own water to restaurants and orders water. I am not kidding. When we worked together we had a goal of how many bottles of water a day we would drink. Then it morphed into a healthy competition. I didn’t want her to beat me to the goal we set. Usually she was ahead which really it was her good example that motivated me to drink water.

The other friend who helped me on my health quest is Beverley. She has one of those really cool aluminum water bottles along with some of her other friends. It’s like a cool water drinking gang. Ok so it’s not like a gang but we drink water. Anyway she got me one of those cool bottles with a fancy design – so I know it’s mine. I love it. I think of her every time I use it. The design is awesome (good choice Bev) and it holds water – awesome.

Now about the benefits of drinking water just to name a few. There are so many. According to an article I found online (of course research this yourself too) the liver helps metabolize fat. Now if you are not getting enough water this makes the liver’s job more difficult. If your liver can’t do its job properly than you are bound to store fat. I definitely need to do more research about this. I did one of those detox treatments that pulls toxins from your body and the color indicates the problem area. Mine was the liver. So I need to keep drinking water. In fact I should get some right now. As well as water my next research project is diet. I don’t me going on a diet but eating well. So I will let you know how that goes.

Back to water- another thing water does is helps burn calories. That’s right if the water is cold your body uses energy to bring the water to body temperature. So using energy equals calories. It may not be a huge amount but every little bit counts and over time those few calories add up and can make a difference. Also when you drink the water you need you may notice a decrease in appetite. Sometimes you may feel hungry but really your body just needs a little water.

All the factoids listed were from magazines like Women’s Health; or from on line articles from websites like Please research this for yourself the information is out there. Jump on in the water’s fine. It makes a difference even if it’s just one glass at a time.


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