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Water is very important in maintaining a healthy body. Nearly all cells require water to function properly and basically, all the metabolic processes require water.Approximately 55-75% of the human body is composed of water. In addition, the body loses about 8 glasses of water daily through sweat, respiration and waste process water. Therefore, to keep the body functioning properly, make sure you keep replenishing the lost water. The reason is still not strong enough to make you add water consumption?

Here are 5 other reasons which would make you more spirit to drink 8 glasses a day.

1. Improve mental performance

If you can not remember what was written at the beginning of this article, means your brain hydrated. About 80% of brain tissue is made of water. Therefore, it is very important to keep the brain does not lack water. Clinical trials have shown, dehydration can reduce performance of memory / short-term memory and interfere with concentration.

In the brain, the water will dilute the liquid that carries proteins and enzymes, and helps deliver these nutrients to their own purposes. When the body lacks water, the carrier fluid movement of proteins and enzymes will also be slowed. Therefore, your mental performance will also be affected directly. In addition, clean water brain from free radicals that can damage the cells that eventually wet nurse would trigger the operation that is destroyed.

2. Prevent disruption of critical

Arthritis, cancer and heart disease is a serious disease affecting millions of people around the world. However, you still can avoid the disease by drinking water. The key is a component of cartilage, in the form of hollow material that serves as a cushion where the bones meet, and synovial fluid, fluid around the joints that serves as a lubricant and shock to work as a tool holder. When sufficient water supply, then the friction that occurs around the joints are also much less. Therefore, arthritis was also less.

3. Water helps you lose weight

You are hungry before the meal? Try to fill your stomach with H2O. These drinks contain no calories or fat, and proven effective in suppressing appetite. More importantly, water could accelerate the process of metabolism. Given all the processes in the body require water, so do not be surprised if your metabolism will slow down if the water shortage.The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn.

4. Preventing cavities

Drinking water can also help you maintain your beautiful smile with minimal cost. If your stomach contents remain teraliri water, it will help the production of several important body fluids including saliva (saliva), which serves to prevent cavities.

Tooth decay comes from the formation of acid, which will erode the enamel coating.However, saliva can neutralize this acid. In addition, saliva also contains certain minerals that can help the process of tooth repair. so, as long as your body hydrated, and of course you’re not too much chewing, your saliva is enough to win the battle against acid and keep the teeth remain protected.

5. Drinking too much trigger dehydration

It is important to meet your daily water needs. But, do not need to drink to excess. You simply return the amount of fluid that you throw away. On average, people generally lose 2-3 glasses of water through the process of normal breathing and another glass through sweat. Discard water and physical exercise usually spend as much as 4 cups of water.So the body needs 8 glasses a day. Focus instead of water you already use.

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