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Now, water has become the consensus of the bathroom industry, a lot of bathroom products, are the banner of “environmental protection, energy saving” on the cover. Journalists to B & Q, Daming Palace, several Home Depot and other home, rolled his building materials market and found that sanitary products are more dazzling, do not listen to professionals, really hard to choose.

Currently, the popular water-saving toilet, set on points with 3 liters, 4.5 liters, 6 liters, as well as 3 liters and 6 liters, 3 liters and 4.5 liters, 2 liters and 4 liters of double-seat control button the toilet, in general, water-saving bathroom products higher value than the ordinary number. Water-saving sanitary ware with the model the price of domestic brands is about 1.2 times the normal price above the price of imported water-saving sanitary ware to be higher, high-end product sales price of 1 per million.

Heard that journalists have to understand the latest water-saving bathroom, TO-TO distributors Jiajing Li explained that currently on the market green energy-saving bathroom mostly imported brands, but expensive. In fact, the concept of water saving products is not new, but a few years ago but is praised in an embarrassing position. The main reason is due to products on the market quite a mixed bag. Jiajing Li said some of the wares under the banner name of saving “and reality,” so that consumers of the psychological resistance. Stores, many traditional 9 l Toilet and launched 3 liters, 4.8 liters, 6 liters Toilet, mark the water is low, but in the process of using it because the poor often results in a wash rinse repeat, and sometimes fail the real water-saving effect.

Jiajing Li believes that with the environmental protection, energy saving and high quality sanitary ware in depth the concept of the use of effective publicity, consumers of these water-saving sanitary ware produced a new understanding, said Eagle Zhang bath dealers, and now, product updates updating very frequently, in order to quickly capture the market, but also from the water-saving bathroom products to make big efforts to continuously improve performance.

It is understood that this year, a number of fashionable and energy-saving bathroom big impact on the market, before that the old style, non-energy-saving products have been quietly exit.

Smart bathroom: great care and concern

Bath water is just now one of the conditions necessary in ensuring the effectiveness, based on “smart” to join, but also reflects a kind of sanitary ware for users humane care.

The Daming Palace, Purchasing Guide to reporters Xiao Liu recommended a “smart” wares. Automatic shredding features such ware, sanitary napkins and the like directly into the toilet break anymore away, do not plug the sewer, but also to the toilet in the wastebasket completely “disappear.” Convenience, decency, can also prevent the growth of bacteria; this toilet automatic vacuum suction pump, suction strong drainage effect is remarkable impulse, only 2 liters of urine can be washed clean. Heated seat cushion with antibacterial, cold winter there will be no sense to use, it can also be used after washing with warm water, warm breezes dry. This toilet comes with suction cup feet, not plastic glass on it installed, and very firmly, move or re-decoration will not cause damage to the toilet. By water restrictions, the traditional toilet had to wall installation, smart products, using hose plus seals, can be adapted from any wall, by changing the accessories installation, you can achieve vertical wall or row, can the actual demand for toilet installation.

According to Xiao, at present, smart ware house in the upscale residential and use more, the price of a top intelligence toilet, and sometimes is the price of a house decoration.

Home Depot marketing head Mr. Wang suggested that consumers buy these “smart” building materials, we must choose a good brand reputation and quality of all products, at ease and comfortable used.

Future prospects: the mainstream consumer guide

Increasingly attach importance to quality of life in people today, has evolved into a bathroom as if pleasure-seeking culture.

Household sanitary products market is more intelligent, learned, now, TOTO, Kohler, Will sales of brands such as sensor taps excellent.

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