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Many people have had similar experiences, to be adjust for each bath temperature, but in the process of washing, water temperature or hot and cold; this is because the process of using the water heater, hydraulic and air pressure combustion environment changes in ordinary gas water heater can not be followed due adjusted accordingly.

Million and “very energy” condensate gas water heater series A8 feel smart thermostat water heater, 25 seconds speed constant temperature, water temperature fluctuations of only 1 , than the national standard of 45 seconds to achieve constant temperature of the water, temperature fluctuation range of water heater temperature The temperature at 5 higher than a large portion of indicator, beautiful and completely resolve the temperature problem.

Moreover, consumers find that using 10 000 and A8 condensate being smart thermostat gas water heater is also very provincial, national gas, according to a monitoring center of the detection test report shows that this section as much as 92% thermal efficiency water heaters, gas than the state issued the latest water heater, “a new national standard of energy efficiency,” which stipulated 84% of the nearly 10 percentage points higher, up to the national energy efficiency standards for Grade II, is recognized as energy efficient gas water heater.

Which optimizes the temperature, which rarely Midao in the industry such classic water heater, A8 condensate water heater thermostat is a smart sense of how to do it?

It is understood that this section and the water heater uses a unique 6 million energy-saving combustion and heat technology, they are enhanced combustion technology; “fuel air” synchronization ratio and total gas sealing enhanced combustion chamber; forced heat transfer technology; AI smart thermostat technology; intelligent automatic sub-combustion technologies; oxygen-free copper and efficient environmental protection water tanks.

Million and adopt international advanced electric constant proportional valve, the user set water temperature, proportional valve automatically detect water temperature, water pressure, water flow, pressure and other combustion environment, calculate the required volume, the number of fire row parameters, adjusting gas volume; In addition, 10 000 and also uses sophisticated “smart segmentation” combustion technology, the above parameters can be adjusted automatically according to the required fire burning rows, winter start up of 10 fire arrangement, just started the summer at least 3 fire row, so rapid and precise control of water temperature, water temperature.

It is reported that 10 000 and is the largest professional manufacturer of gas appliances, is the only gas appliance industry, “China’s space industry partners,” the State Torch Plan Key High-tech company, is currently China National Hardware Association, a branch of Gas Industry chairman units, “10000 and” trademark “Chinese Famous Brand”, 10 000 and gas appliances, electric water heaters, Disinfection cabinet, range hood is the “China Aerospace special products”, 10 000 and gas water heaters, electric water heaters, sterilizing bowl counter with was “Chinese famous brand”, 10 000 and gas water heaters, Disinfection cabinet was also named “Industry iconic brand.” Million and gas development with strong domestic and foreign markets, domestic market share of gas water heater the first five consecutive years, gas water heaters and gas stoves both the leading exports.

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