Choosing The Right Wine At A Restaurant

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Choosing the right wine at a restaurant in San Mateo can be a difficult task for those that are not wine tasting enthusiasts. Matching your food with your wine can make your meal much more enjoyable if you know what you are doing. Wine can really enhance the taste of your food and help you savor the flavor that much more. Wine can help accentuate certain flavors that you normally would not taste during the meal. Wine is a great catalyst in your feasting activities making your meal all the more delicious.

When selecting the wine with your meal its wise to pick a wine that is in contrast but not to sharp a contrast so that it clashes with the flavor. This does not have to be a difficult task it just means that instead of ordering the typical house red or white wine you step out and try some thing new. Whatever wine you choose make sure it is complementary.

If you want to order wine for two people think about choosing the same meal as well. That way you won’t get clashing meals with the same wine. If you both don’t want to eat the same meal than you may want to consider getting two different types of wine, one for each meal. Most restaurants in San Mateo now serve by the glass or half bottle so you should be able to try what you want without having to worry about sharing.

There are three main types of wines being; reds, whites and sparking. A red wine is a heavier wine with much complexity with a white being lighter and much sweeter. Sparkling wines like Champagne go through a different fermentation process that causes the wine to bubble.

The red wine is heavier wine that generally goes very well with red meats like steak. It also goes very well with heavier pastas. White wines are lighter and go much better with meats like chicken and fish as well as complimenting lighter pasta dishes. These are general guidelines for these wines but are not the only options you can choose.

There is one rule that should always be followed when it comes to picking a wine for your meal. If you choose to have several different wines with your meal than you should go from lighter wines do darker wines. You could start off with champagne with your appetizers and than work your way to a lighter white wine if you are having chicken or fish and than switch to a sweeter wine with your dessert.

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