Maintaining Your Stationary Bike

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Home exercise machines are often quite expensive to invest in. However, they can make up for it in the benefits that the exercise has to offer.

By exercising you will become physically strong, have a longer endurance, and became more fit overall. In addition, you can strength hand to eye coordination skills, improve your sense of balance and increase your flexibility.

In addition, studies have shown that people who exercise usually experience greater levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. Equipped with these things, these people usually will pursue more of the opportunities that are offered to them.

In addition, they generally find more and greater levels of success in these new opportunities and in the other things that they have been participating in. There are hundreds of other benefits that exercising also offers.

These benefits can definitely make investing in a home stationary bike worthwhile. However, due to the price it is a very good idea to take proper care of your bike so that you maximize its lifetime and performance.

The longer the bike lasts the more worthwhile the price will be. As with many other things in life it is important to take preventative measures instead of simply fixing it when a problem arises.

Often a lot of damage is already done when a problem actually arises. There are many parts to your machine that you will need to take care of.

These parts include consoles, power cords, resistance breaks, spin wheels, eddy motors, pulleys, drive belts, transformers, wire harnesses and so forth. It is important that you keep all of these parts clean constantly.

Wipe them off daily if you can. This will help keep your machine performing well and performing quietly.

This is a great benefit as it can be difficult to hear your TV or music as you exercise on a noisy machine. By keeping the parts clean, you will avoid the unnecessary squeaks, knocks, and so forth.

If you suspect something may be wrong, simply try thoroughly cleaning your machine first. If the machine still makes weird noises, you may want to call in a professional.

It can be difficult to properly clean your machine if you are afraid to take it apart. However, taking it apart to clean is a must.

It is likely that most dirty parts are underneath and have been collecting dirt for weeks. The anatomy of a stationary bike is not hard to find and you can easily put the machine back together after your done cleaning it.

The first place you will want to check for instructions on taking apart or putting together the bike is the manufacturer’s manual. There should even be pictures in this book and not simply instructions that can help you dismantle your bike.

The first thing you will need to take off is the outside casing of the bike. Once the casing is removed, you will be able to see the rails, motor and wheels.

With these things exposed it will be much easier to determine what the actual problem is and to clean. Before you continue, make sure you read the instructions carefully so that you take it apart in the proper manner and in a way in which you can put it back together.

If you have cleaned the stationary bike thoroughly and it still makes squeaking noises, you may want to use WD40 to grease the moving parts. However, be sure you do not use to much or you may cause other problems that are more difficult to deal with.

The wheel, at the very least, should be cleaned and oiled every week. This is especially important if you use the bike on a consistent and steady basis like you should be doing.

While you have the casing off, make sure that everything is tight. Check the nuts and bolts, joints, and so forth.

As this machine depends on moving parts it is easy for stress to loosen these things. When you have completed your work on the inside, make sure you properly replace the casing to help protect it from new dirt.

Cleaning the outside is as important as cleaning the inside. For dust, use a warm and slightly damp cloth to wipe it off.

However, if it is still not coming off, spray a little glass cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe it with that. The Windex should not be sprayed directly onto the machine as the cleaner may damage a few parts of the internal machine.

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