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A physically active person who possesses such factors as hypertension, diabetes and even a smoking habit can derive significant gains from incorporating regular physical activity into his/her daily activities. Regular physical activity is also likely to help modify a number of risk factors.

As an adjunct to weight loss, exercise is likely to help you stay on a diet and lose weight. Additionally, regular exercise is associated with reduction in blood pressure, improved glucose regulation, promotion of better lipid profiles and stronger/denser bones.

Before you begin an exercise program, take a fitness test, or substantially increase your level of activity. If you are over 40 years of age and have been inactive, or if you are concerned about your health, consult a physician before taking a fitness test or substantially increasing your physical activity.

Stationary bikes are a safe and effective means of exercise. They provide a means of low-impact cardiovascular exercise, are generally quiet in operation, and are efficient with their use of space.

There are two major characteristics to consider when selecting a stationary bicycle. The seating position on the bike is first, and then the method of resistance.

Exercisers may choose the standard upright bicycle or semi-recumbent stationary bicycles, which may be more comfortable for some individuals. Additionally, many bikes are equipped with computers that will report workout data and in some cases even direct exercise sessions.

All these characteristics influence the cost of stationary bicycles. You must consider your needs and interests when purchasing a stationary bicycle.

Position is important. Most upright bicycles come with a large, well-padded saddle, so comfort for most will not be an issue.

However, for individuals with lower back pain, mobility, or balance concerns, a semi-recumbent stationary bike may offer a safer, more comfortable option. Computer, size, and resistance mechanism options will allow you to select the stationary bicycle to meet your fitness goals.

Remember, more expensive models do not inherently make you more fit. An inexpensive model used regularly can adequately provide the necessary resistance to increase cardiovascular fitness.

Safety features to consider are stability, a wide base for ergometer, and protected or covered flywheel and/or fans. Maintenance and durability features should include an established, reputable company, assembly requirements, and warranties and local maintenance.

Warranties should include annual maintenance costs and availability of replacement parts. For power, performance and operation the bike should be capable of providing adequate resistance.

You should also take into consideration the noise generated by fans and adjusting seat and for proper fit on the bike. Look for a comfortable seat, saddle, and handlebars and consider the size of the assembled unit.

Guidelines for assembly and operation should be clear and complete. Stationary bicycles should be positioned so that all moving parts are allowed safe clearance.

You should also have adequate room to safely mount and dismount the machine. Position on a bike is critical to enjoyable and effective cycling.

Handlebar and saddle height are the primary considerations. When you adjust your position on a bicycle, you are attempting to distribute your body weight evenly between your arms and your seat.

First, adjust the saddle so that it is level with the floor. Next, adjust the saddle height so there is a slight bend in the knee when the pedal is at the bottom of the stroke.

An additional saddle height guideline is that your hips should not rock back and forth when you pedal. Finally, adjust the handlebars to allow for a comfortable forward-leaning position.

It will take several cycling sessions and some additional adjustments to find your perfect position. One of the biggest reasons people stop cycling is because of discomfort.

Proper positioning on a bicycle will provide for comfortable and enjoyable exercise. Spend time test-riding stationary bike models before you buy.

Adjustability, noise, and ease of operation should be considered in the store, not in your living room. Proper position is imperative so be patient and complete in your positioning process.

A stationary bicycle is only good for your health if you use it. Set attainable goals for regular use of your home exercise equipment.

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