Alcohol And Exercise

April 23, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Exercise Bike Reviews

After a hard day of work on Friday some people go and get a few drinks to relax from that long week at work. You feel you deserve a few drinks after that long week, it’s a few things you should remember.

Just like any other day, the next day is a day for you to exercise, and knowing you, you probably exercise very single day. And you probably think a few drinks won’t hurt anything, right? Well before you make that decision to go out on Friday and get  a few drinks, let me share with you a couple things you should think about.

Researcher has found that a small amount of alcohol will increase your muscular energy and the output of strength, these type of benefits are very short. After 30 minutes or so, that’s when the problems start to occur. The negative effects will begin to come along, and will easily outweigh the benefits that come with alcohol. It don’t matter how you look at it, alcohol is poison that can and will harm your body if you don’t be careful.

The bad side of drinking alcohol and exercising will reduce your aerobic capability, endurance, strength, ability to metabolize fat, recovery time, and will stop you build muscle. Drinking alcohol will have an effect on your brain and nervous system. Using it long term make cause deterioration of your nervous system. Which will cause a loss of strength even if you drink short term.

Alcohol reach your blood cells and can probably damage the blood cells. With drinking alcohol, inflammation of the muscle. After time these muscle cells that’s damaged will die. Alcohol will leave you sore longer after you exercise, meaning it will take you longer to recuperate. 

If you decide to drink alcohol and exercise, do it in moderation and don’t drink before you exercise.


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